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U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Airboat Tour Captain.

While in South Florida, one thing that should be on your bucket list is an airboat tour of the Florida Everglades. This beautiful area teeming with unique flora and fauna is unlike anything else you can experience in the United States. Whether you’re simply visiting as a tourist or you live nearby, you need to take an airboat ride in Fort Lauderdale to see the Everglades.

One thing you may be worried about with an airboat tour is safety. Many people have concerns about whether they are safe on an airboat, and the answer is a resounding yes!

An Airboat Ride in Fort Lauderdale Is Very Safe

This fun, adventurous type of activity is safe for people of all ages! The water here in the Everglades is mostly very shallow. Hence, the need for an airboat. Airboat speeds are limited, and you’re not likely to go over 35 mph. So, there is no need to worry about tipping or high-speed wrecks.

As with any moving vessel, such as a car or plane, there is always some risk. However, when you follow the guidelines set out to you by the airboat captain, you dramatically reduce your risk of any dangers. To help ensure your own safety, always dress appropriately for the weather, and never get on an airboat in inclement weather. Wear sunscreen to help prevent sunburns.

The key to the safest airboat ride possible is to choose the right tour company. You should look for one with experience and knowledge, as well as properly operating, clean boats.

Take a Safe and Secure Airboat Ride in Fort Lauderdale With Captain Bill of Cypress Outdoor Adventures

Our very own USCG certified captain, Captain Bill has nearly 20 years of experience in eco-tours and has been running tours of the Everglades for many years. He first started in the safari business in South Africa while dreaming of opening his own tour company. He meticulously maintains our airboats for safety, inspecting them daily. He pays the utmost attention to ensure all guests follow proper safety protocols while onboard as well. Call us today at 954-260-1096, or book your sunset or day tour for an airboat ride in Fort Lauderdale online now!