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U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Airboat Tour Captain.

Everglades Airboat History

Airboat Tours Have an Interesting History

Famous for his many pioneering discoveries including the telephone, inventor Alexander Graham Bell invented the airboat in 1905. His first airboat, appropriately named “The Ugly Duckling” because of its appearance, was built in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Bringing the airboat to the US, specifically the wetlands of the Florida Everglades, was pilot Glenn Curtiss. Since then, airboats have been used to explore the Everglades so that plants and animals including the American alligator can be viewed in their natural habitats without being too intrusive.

What is an Airboat?

An airboat is a flat-bottomed boat made of aluminum or fiberglass and powered by a large airplane-style propeller on the back. The mechanics of these boats are above the water, so the vessel glides easily across the shallow waters of the Everglades. The smooth boat bottom, combined with the engine being on top of the boat, allows airboats to avoid disturbing wildlife below the water’s surface. This also helps avoid polluting the ecosystems of the Everglades with oil and other harmful chemicals.

Most airboats are custom built based on their specific intended use. Ours are built-to-order and are designed to navigate the northeast corner of the Florida Everglades in and around Fort Lauderdale. Since the topography of this area varies from much of the terrain in other parts of the wetlands, we have additional safety features on our vessels.

Are Airboat Tours Safe?

If you’re up for the thrills of an airboat ride, you can rest assured that you are very safe with Captain Bill. As a USCG certified master captain, he has received extensive training and will make your adventure a safe and memorable experience.

Safety is the most important issue and Capt Bill will not operate in unsafe weather conditions. These boats are noisy while underway, and we provide hearing protection on your Everglades tour.

Airboats are well built for the environment of the Everglades and are extremely safe to ride on. Amazingly, they can hit very high speeds. However, for the safety of our passengers and to protect the ecosystems of the Everglades, we cruise at a comfortable and safe speed.

The great wilderness of the Everglades is waiting for you to come experience it like you never have before. Please schedule your airboat tours in advance, so call us today at 954-260-1096 to reserve your spot, or book your adventure online.

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