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Florida Everglades

South Florida is a beautifully unique destination that contains an biodiverse ecosystem unlike any other. The Everglades is a wetland ecosystem that reaches from central Florida, near Orlando, all the way south to Florida Bay.

Most people think of the subtropical Everglades as a swamp or forested wetland, however it is actually a slow-moving river. The ecosystem of the Everglades is home to 73 threatened or endangered species, including the Florida panther, American Crocodile, West Indian Manatee, Wood Stork, and Snail Kite.

These species are in trouble due to over 50% of the historical area being lost in the last century to development. There are many environmental groups working today to restore the Everglades and protect its amazing plants, reptiles, fish, mammals, and birds. Inside the Everglades, the Everglades National Park protects most of these species.

Besides endangered species, the Everglades is home to a vast array of plants and animals that have adapted to a wet, subtropical environment.

Other parts of the ecosystem include sawgrass marshes, and cypress and mangrove forests. The Everglades are part of the North American Coastal plain which was designated the world’s 36th biodiversity hotspot in February 2016.

The Everglades is an amazing destination vacation, that is full of plants, birds, and mammals not seen anywhere else. Due to the marshy environment, one of the best ways to explore The Everglade is on an airboat. With an experienced guide, an airboat tour is the best way to experience all the Everglades has to offer.

Make your next Florida vacation extraordinary on one of our Everglades tours with Captain Bill of Cypress Outdoor Adventures. Our airboat tours in Fort Lauderdale offer a unique glimpse into the ecosystems of the gorgeous wetlands. Book your adventure online, or call Captain Bill at (954) 906-0940 today for your private airboat ride.

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