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Mammals And Birds In The Everglades

Mammal and Bird Ecosystems in the Everglades (Northeast)

The various habitats found within the Everglades support different types of wildlife. This variety of wildlife is found nowhere else in the world. There are many native Floridian species as well as some invasive species such as the iguana or Burmese python that were brought to Florida as pets and later set free or escaped captivity.

The easiest way to see the innumerable Everglades wildlife is on an airboat tour. A daytime airboat tour or sunset airboat cruise allows you to see the animals in their natural habitat while still maintaining a safe distance. It’s about as up close and personal as you can get without endangering the animals or their habitats.

Mammals of the Everglades

The unique ecosystem of the Everglade make it a home to some of the most varied mammals found in the world. You can see anything from a raccoon to otters. White tailed deer, rabbits, bobcats and black bears also make a home in the Everglades.

Birds of the Everglades

Not only do thousands of birds make a home in the Everglades, but there are also birds that winter there, and birds that stop for a while during their migration. In the 1800s, the well-known naturalist and artist, John James Audubon, wrote during a visit to south Florida, “We observed great flocks of wading birds flying overhead toward their evening roosts …. They appeared in such numbers to actually block out the light from the sun for some time.”

In the Everglades, more than 360 different species of birds have been sighted. The birds of the Everglades are as vibrant as they are varied. There are wading birds, land birds, and birds of prey.

Tour the beautiful sights and sounds from the many wild animals in the Everglades with one of our custom Fort Lauderdale Everglades airboat tours. From daytime cruises to sunset tours, Captain Bill offers a unique look at some of the fauna in the area, sharing his vast knowledge with you. Call us to schedule one of our Florida Everglades boat tours today at 954-260-1096, or book your adventure online.

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