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The American crocodile is one of the most widespread types of the crocodile in the world. It can be found in the southernmost parts of Florida in the United States, as well as the Caribbean Islands and South America. Crocodiles are large reptiles who enjoy the warm climate that Florida offers year-round and can be common sights on such attractions as an airboat ride in Fort Lauderdale.


American crocodiles can be anywhere from 13 to 15 feet in length and can weigh up to 900 pounds. This makes them one of the largest of the crocodile species. Though they are comparable in size with the American alligator, they differ in color and snout shape.


Crocodiles have powerful jaws that allow them to grab onto their prey and drag it to the bottom for later consumption. They eat the animals they find in the water such as fish and turtles, but they have been known to snatch unsuspecting prey on the shore, such as deer and rabbits. They hunt by being mostly submerged, resembling a log floating in the water. This allows them to strike at their prey quickly, using their heavily muscled tail to propel them through the water.


There are approximately 3,000 crocodiles living in the swamps of South Florida, which is a positive change from the hundreds that remained in the 1970s. The population took a serious decline due to overhunting for their skins.


Crocodiles prefer swamps and bodies of freshwater in a warm climate. They share their habitat with the American alligator. Since they are cold blooded, they cannot tolerate cold weather and can die if found too far north. They can be seen sunning themselves on bare shore beneath trees or on top of submerged rocks. Their dark brown-green skin makes them hard to spot, and they are often mistaken for logs floating in the water.

On an Airboat Ride in Fort Lauderdale, You May See American Crocodiles

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