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Visiting The Everglades

Everglades Tour Fort Lauderdale

Now that you have decided to take your South Florida vacation to the next level and visit the Everglades, you may wonder how to appreciate all the area has to offer. There are state parks with hiking to explore the Everglades. However, the best way to encounter the Everglades is on an airboat. The versatility of an airboat allows you to see places you can’t reach on foot or by boat alone, allowing you to get the most complete Everglades experience.

Daytime Airboat Tours in the Everglades

During the day, the Everglades is a lush subtropical environment full of exotic plants, colorful birds, and at least an alligator or two. On a daytime excursion, you can travel the sawgrass marshes hunting for the zebra longwinged butterfly, the official butterfly of Florida.

Bird watching on a daytime tour is a must. The variety of the birds of the Everglades makes it an ornithologist’s dream destination. You can catch glimpses of blue herons, or watch for the ubiquitous Florida alligators sunning themselves.

Sunset Tours in the Everglades

At sunset, the Everglades change. The alligators come out to feed, and the birds come home to roost. The Everglades comes comes alive and the sunsets are absolutely beautiful.

At night, the swamp takes on a mysterious air. You cruise through the sawgrass marshes serenaded by a chorus of amphibians under the painted sky. A sunset airboat tour of the Everglades is an incredible experience, and with a private cruise you choose whether it’s romantic, educational, an adventure, or all three.

Bow Fishing in the Everglades

For daring explorers, there is the sport of bowfishing. The Everglades are teaming with fish and the exciting sport of bowfishing is a fun way to bring home your dinner while touring this paradise. Bowfishing is exactly what it sounds like, shooting a specialized arrow into a fish with a bow. Our Fort Lauderdale airboat company provides high-tech bow fishing equipment necessary to enjoy this sport.

At Cypress Outdoor Adventures, we offer private Everglades airboat tours in Fort Lauderdale. Captain Bill is a native Floridian and licensed USCG captain with comprehensive knowledge of area plant and wildlife. Call us today to book your private Everglades excursion at 954-260-1096. Or, book your Everglades adventure

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