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U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Airboat Tour Captain.

Bowfishing and the Florida Everglades are a match made in heaven for those who enjoy fishing and exploring the great outdoors. A 1.5 million acre wetland preserve is ideal for fishing as this slow-moving grassy river is teeming with fish. The waters are deep enough to allow for access to larger fish while shallow enough to use a bow and arrow as a method of catching fish.

Sunset Tours Allow You to Experience the Uniqueness of the Florida Everglades

The Everglades is unlike any other natural habitat in North America. It is part tropics and part forest, combing plant and animal species from the United States as well as the West Indies. Home to the Florida panther, American alligator, and plants including arching palm trees, the Everglades host a variety of unique flora and fauna. Freshwater and saltwater fish call the area home.

A private sunset boat tour allows you to experience the best of day and nightlife of the Everglades. As the sky darkens and night falls, a whole new experience unfolds before your eyes. Nocturnal species unseen in the daytime can be viewed in their natural habitats.

Bowfishing Tours Offer Enjoyable Hunting Experience on Modern Show Vessel

Bowfishing can be traced back thousands of years, as nearly all coastal cultures throughout history have relied on fish as a food staple. As modern bow fishers on an air boat, you are able to fish in comfort and style No sacrificing any modern conveniences on an airboat tour in the Everglades; we use the latest high-tech equipment including short recurve bows and bright halide lights that allow you to see deep into the water without letting the fish know you’re there.

Bowfishing Tour Guide in the Everglades

A tour guide is essential when bow fishing in the Everglades, not only to learn about the unique plants and animals but also to ensure you do not disturb the natural ecosystems. As home to over 700 types of non-native living things, only invasive species including blue tilapia and other non-native wildlife should be hunted. Hunters can wreak major havoc on the biological order of the area when attempting to fish without experienced guides.

A USCG certified master captain, Captain Bill gives bow fishers an experience to remember. Having grown up in the Everglades, he has been exploring the vast wonders of the area for decades. He shares his vast amount of knowledge with your party as he navigates. His love and respect for nature allow him to protect the local habitat while giving tours.

Make memories with your friends and family on a bow fishing trip in the Everglades. Call Captain Bill today at (954) 260-1096, or book your fishing adventure online.