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Many people don’t consider that there is so much to do and see at the Everglades. The activities found here are not only unique but you would be hard-pressed to find them anywhere else. It’s a great idea to research the best Everglade attractions in Fort Lauderdale.

While everyone can have their own preferences, the following are some of the best Everglade attractions in Fort Lauderdale that you must visit and experiences that you should try out.

1.Shark Valley Observation Tower

Despite the name, there are no sharks to be found in the Everglades. However, this valley is a must-visit for everyone. The observation tower gets a special mention because it gives panoramic views of the park. On days when the sky is clear, it is possible to see for miles from the observation tower.

You can enjoy spotting the wildlife and seeing the layout of the land. If you’re going to visit this place, be prepared for a trek. No personal vehicles are allowed but you can go on a bicycle or on foot. Another option is the tram based tour of the valley.

2.The Anhinga Trail

With self-guided walk ways, the Anhinga trail takes one through the saw grass marsh that has paved trail that is easy to walk around in. The trail leads you through the Everglades and you will spot some wildlife, including sunbathing alligators and manatees when you’re strolling across it.

The leisurely trail is only 0.8 miles long and the paved path makes it easy to walk. No personal vehicles or bicycles are allowed here but exceptions are made for baby strollers and wheelchairs.

3.The Coral Castle

The Coral Castle is a unique piece of architecture that was completely hand-carved. The castle contains a throne room, a stockade made from stone, a rough telescope as well as a rough gate which can be opened by one hand. The castle has been kept perfectly preserved over the years and is a sight to behold.

It took Edward Leedskalnin around 28 years to complete this rocky masterpiece with rough tools. The legend surrounding the castle is equally as unbelievable as the rough castle itself but it’s worth a visit.

4.Go on an Airboat Tour

If you’re short on time and really want to see the best Everglade attractions in Fort Lauderdale, it is a good idea to get an airboat tour. These are guided tours that let you see the watery, marshy areas of the Everglade which are completely inaccessible on foot.

The airboats also have tour guides that can give you information about all the wildlife and other creatures that you get to see. Opting for an airboat tour can be a fun, educational experience for you and others.

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