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Fracking In South Florida

The petroleum industry here in the United States brags that fracking is now the solution for energy independence. And while large majority agree that our dependency on foreign oil needs to be broken; at what cost do we as Americans in this great nation need to pay. That price appears to be the destruction of our natural environment and the danger to us in the affected areas.

 Fracking or hydraulic fracturing is drilling process used to collect petroleum products from deep in the underground. The process includes using chemicals sand and water that is pumped downward and then horizontally at a men’s pressure until the rock is broken apart and the petroleum products can be retrieved. Sounds perfectly safe on paper doesn’t it? Well the real truth is that these chemicals are harmful to mother nature and to us humans.
Big government is now attempting to introduce fracking to the Florida Everglades, many places that are only accessible by Airboat.
The reality is is that fracking pollutes the air, the toxins that are discharge during frocking operations or harmful. Fracking also poisons are water; these poisons will be done directly into the Florida Everglades and are drinking waters of Fort Lauderdale, Miami Dade and Palm Beach counties.You need millions upon millions of gallons of water to complete the process for Fracking, and all that water is polluted. All that water that is supposedly being collected is either taking to toxic waste facilities, but more commonly placed into dump pits which are usually on monitored and allow the toxins to sleep in the groundwater.these pics will most likely be made in the Everglades and will probably be on monitored unless it is accessible by Airboat’s.
The petroleum industry is not required by law to do it voltage what is in the frocking fluids. But it is well known by studies done that one corner of the chemicals can cause cancer and up to 50% of the chemicals can cause nervous, immune and cardiovascular problems. These chemicals will also affect the Everglades wildlife, not just humans.
On my airboat tours  I like to tell my customers that the state of Florida is like a giant block of Swiss cheese. Florida has many caves aquifers and caverns that hold our drinking water. If that drinking water is contaminated it affects everyone in the state of Florida. Once a failure occurs there will be no way to contain the chemicals that will be rushed throughout the state as underneath our feet is basically a river. And as I explained to my customers who are on my Airboat we are on a River of Grass, and below The Everglades near Fort Lauderdale are giant aquifers that move water as well.
Florida has many diverse and very fragile ecosystems. If any ecological disaster were to occur it is not as easy as saying let’s go down to the beach and wash off some penguins with soap. You will be unable to clean all of the caverns and aquifers that are now polluted, and he will not be able to stop the chemicals that will be going into your children’s bodies from the water they drink.
Big government has always put the safety of his people aside to make a dollar. We now have a nuclear reactor that is leaking into Biscayne Bay and we are now going to unleash an ecological nightmare that our children will have to endure and pay for. They will watch the death of the Florida Everglades, the contamination of our drinking water supply in Fort Lauderdale and other surrounding areas.

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