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What to Bring With You on an Everglades Tour in Fort Lauderdale

What to Bring With You on an Everglades Tour in Fort Lauderdale

If you’re visiting South Florida, one thing that is a must-see is the Florida Everglades. This unique area, actually a slow-moving grassy river, contains an abundance of wildlife from plants to animals. There are even endangered species that call the Everglades home which you may get a glimpse of while there, such as the leatherback turtle. An Everglades Tour in Fort Lauderdale is best experienced on an airboat!

What to Bring on a Daytime Tour of the Florida Everglades

If you plan to take a daytime airboat tour of the Everglades, there are several must-have items you should bring with you. This includes bug spray, sunglasses, sunscreen, and protective sun wear. A hat is especially important in the summertime to help protect against the intense sun. If you’re booking your adventure during the months of November through February, bring warm clothes to layer to protect against winter winds.

Of course, you’ll want to capture your memories with a camera, so be sure to bring one with you! Other important items you may choose to bring include snacks and drinks (bottled water is provided for you). If you are of legal age, alcoholic beverages are permitted.

In the event of rain, you may want to bring an umbrella or other protective gear, such as a poncho. While we will cancel in cases of inclement weather, the boat will still be up for an adventure even if it rains.

Binoculars make a great accessory, so you can get a better view of birds taking flight off in the distance, or a closer look into the eyes of a gator!

What to Bring on an Evening Everglades Tour in Fort Lauderdale

Just like on a daytime tour, you should bring bug spray with you to help keep away the biting and stinging insects on a sunset airboat ride. Wear weather-appropriate clothing, and bring along a camera, snacks, drinks, binoculars, and rain gear as well.

An airboat tour of the Everglades is a great way to see the area in a safe and fun, exciting way! Book your Everglades tour in Fort Lauderdale today online or by calling us at 954-260-1096. And don’t forget to bring your sense of adventure!

Gators and Crocs You Might See on an Alligator Airboat Tour in Fort Lauderdale

Gators and Crocs You Might See on an Alligator Airboat Tour in Fort Lauderdale

Whether you live nearby or are just visiting, you simply must see a real-life alligator at least once, or you haven’t seen Florida. What better opportunity to see an alligator than on an alligator airboat tour in Fort Lauderdale! 

The Everglades are home to both the American crocodile and the American alligator, as well as a plethora of other beautiful birds, fish, and mammals. There are key differences between the gators and crocodiles you’ll see on your airboat tour. Learn about those differences here, and see if you can tell the difference when you spot them in the water.

Gator or croc? What’s the difference?

A major difference between alligators and crocodiles is their habitats. Typically, crocodiles live in salty water and alligators in freshwater. The Everglades is unique in that the Florida Bay freshwater meets the salty water of the Gulf of Mexico. This is why you can see both alligators and crocodiles on an alligator airboat tour in Fort Lauderdale.

Another key difference is the shape of their snouts. When you’re looking for a gator, try looking for a wider, blunter snout compared to its crocodile cousin. Crocodiles tend to have longer and pointier snouts.

Some alligators travel, some stay home.

Male alligators tend to have a very large territory, especially during the spring and early summer when it’s breeding season. Females tend to stay close to their clutch, or their baby alligators, so they have a much smaller territory. Males are can grow up to 12 feet long and become over 500 pounds, some even reaching half a ton!

The easiest way to tell whether an alligator is male (without risking your limbs) is to measure their length. It’s not always possible to tell, but as female alligators tend not to be larger than 10 feet, any gator you come across larger than that is most likely male. Otherwise, if you see an alligator with a clutch, you can be sure that she’s a female.

Looking forward to spotting crocs and gators? Take an alligator airboat tour in Fort Lauderdale!

The American Alligator is actually a restored species that recovered from severe endangerment due to strict conservation efforts. Alligator attractions such as sn alligator airboat tour in Fort Lauderdale seek to preserve those efforts and teach neighbors and tourists alike how amazing these animals are and why they deserve to be protected and respected. To learn more about the American alligator, American crocodile, and other animal wonders of the Everglades, call (954) 260-1096 to schedule your airboat tour today!

What to Expect on a Swamp Tour in Fort Lauderdale

What to Expect on a Swamp Tour in Fort Lauderdale

If you’ve never taken a swamp tour in Fort Lauderdale before, you’re really missing out on everything this area has to offer! There’s no better way to see the Florida Everglades than on an airboat tour. This subtropical wetland offers so much to see when it comes to plants, animals, and other wildlife. An airboat tour allows you to get a close-up view of the amazing bio-diversity of the area.

Here’s what to expect on a swamp tour in Fort Lauderdale.

You can expect to see things you’ve never seen before. There is a plethora of flora and fauna here not found anywhere else. Your tour guide will let you know when you come upon unique plants in the Everglades, such as the saw palmetto, which is found across most of this region. You may also see southern live oak trees and mule ear orchids. It’s possible you may see endangered land animals, such as the Florida panther or a black bear.

Expect to set aside at least an hour for your adventure. You can take a tour as short as one hour. However, you’re likely going to want to spend much more time on the ‘River of Grass.’ You can book longer tours during the day or at sunset, so set aside plenty of time to ensure you have time to thoroughly enjoy your outing.

You’ll probably see gators. While we can’t promise you will see alligators, you’re likely to spot a few. Keep your eyes peeled for gators. When you see what looks like a log floating in the water, take a second look. It might just be an alligator! Your tour boat captain will point out gators and other interesting sites to see along the way, as well as share interesting facts with you.

Expect to stay dry. You won’t be getting in the water, and it will likely be hot. So dress accordingly, and be sure to drink lots of water to help you stay cool. You can bring cooling towels to help beat the heat.

Expect an adventure unlike any other with an airboat tour of the Everglades from Cypress Outdoor Adventures.

Ready to book an exciting ride full of thrills?! Call us today at 954-260-1096, or book your adventure online.

Best Way to Go Bow Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Best Way to Go Bow Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Bow fishing in the Florida Everglades is an amazing adventure that not everyone gets to have. But if you’re considering bow fishing in Fort Lauderdale, you should book that once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Bow fishing of course utilizes a bow, as well as an arrow, which is attached to a line so you can easily retrieve your catch.

The best possible way you can go bow fishing in Fort Lauderdale is on an airboat.

An airboat tour provides the bow fishing equipment – no need to bring your own.

On a chartered airboat tour with Cypress, all equipment you need for bow fishing is provided. That includes your bow, arrow, reel with line, and tips, as well as other important items.

A private airboat tour covers your right to fish, even if you don’t have your own license.

Don’t have a freshwater or salt water fishing license? No problem! Our private airboat tours allow you to fish worry free. Our license covers everyone on the tour for bow fishing in Fort Lauderdale. Fishing on an airboat tour helps ensure that you don’t break any fishing regulations or laws.

Your airboat tour guide will know which game fish you’re allowed to catch when bow fishing in Fort Lauderdale.

Bow fishing is somewhat restricted in the state of Florida, and some areas actually prohibit bow fishing altogether, including parts of Dade County, Long Key, and the Eureka Dame. There are only certain species of game fish that you are allowed to to catch when bow fishing, including common carp, tilapia, bowfin, and catfish, among several others.

When taking an airboat tour for bow fishing in Fort Lauderdale, there are some things you should bring.

As bow fishing tours generally happen after sunset, you won’t need your sunscreen or sunglasses. However, if your tour is during the daytime, be sure to bring those things. Also, bring bug repellent. You may want to bring a small cooler with snacks and drinks, as bow fishing airboat adventures generally last at least several hours. Check with your captain before your departure to see if there are any other items you may need.

4 Reasons Why You Should Go On Airboat Tours in Fort Lauderdale

4 Reasons Why You Should Go On Airboat Tours in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is known for being home to the Everglades, the largest tropical marshlands in South Florida. Exploring the area on foot or by car is out of the question, so what’s the next best option? Exploring the area with airboat tours in Fort Lauderdale!

Airboat tours are conducted with the help of a large flat bottomed boat that relies on a large fan to propel it forward. This large air-powered boat can navigate through the marshy land, the mangroves, and more.

There are plenty of reasons why you should go on airboat tours in Fort Lauderdale. The following are some of the major ones:

1.     You Can Get Close to the Wildlife

If you have ever wanted to see alligators, manatees, and wild herons up close, then opting for an airboat tour is the way to go. These boats can navigate close enough to the wildlife, allowing you to catch a glimpse of these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. You’ll be completely safe in the boat and with the engine off, you can manage to see the wildlife, without disturbing them.

2.     It’s a Unique Experience

Seeing the Everglades in an airboat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you probably won’t be able to replicate anywhere else. Apart from this factor, air boating has its thrill, similar to paragliding or rock climbing. You can cruise along the water or go up to speeds of 40 miles per hour. Airboats are also eco-friendly and don’t pollute the water like traditional motorboats.

3.     See the Sunset on the Everglades

One of the most stunning and picturesque sights is seeing the sun bathe the Everglades in golden light. Also known as the Golden hours, sunsets at the Everglades can be extremely breathtaking. If you’re a photographer or just enjoy natural beauty, this is a sight that you don’t want to miss out on. With airboats, you can experience it in a setting that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

4.     Learn About this Unique Place

Most airboat tours come with guides who know about the Everglades. It’s a unique natural habitat that houses of over 40 species of mammals, 300 different types of fish, 50 species of reptiles and 100 plant varieties as well as 120 different types of trees. The Everglades also shares roots with American history, having once been occupied by Native Americans, the Calusa and Tequesta nations as well as the Seminole. With the tour guide, you can learn more about the flora, fauna and the history of the Everglades.

These are only some of the major reasons that you should go for airboat tours in Fort Lauderdale! When you opt for one, you will wonder why you didn’t do it before.

Get the Best Tours Today!

If you’re looking to go on airboat tours in Fort Lauderdale, get in touch with Cypress Outdoor Adventures. We specialize in organizing boat tours in the Everglades to show you the beauty of the land in a unique manner. Book a tour with us today and discover the unique world of the Everglades with our help.

Endangered Plants of the Everglades

Endangered Plants of the Everglades

One of our most beautiful and mysterious natural areas in the United States is changing. The Everglades is slowly losing some of its flora and fauna due to climate change and the encroachment of urban growth. If you wish to view the native plants of the area, such as the cactus tree, Krug’s holly, lignum-vitae, and manchineel, booking an airboat tour is a great way to experience these endangered species.

Endangered Palm Trees of the Everglades

The Brittle Thatch Palm (Thrinax morrisii) is a small palm with blue-green or yellow-green leaves that have a reflective white underside. The leaves are so tough, they were used to make roofs for thatches, hence their name.

Buccaneer palm (Pseudophoenix sargentii) is a lesser known variety that is cold-sensitive as well as slow growing. This variety is notable due to the extremes of nature in which it can survive, as it is drought and salt tolerant. The leaves are green, blue-green, or silver. In the wild, it can reach up to 25 feet tall.

Silver thatch palm (Coccothrinax argentata) has fan-shaped leaves that are green on the top and silver underneath. It is slow growing and can only tolerate the lightest of frost.

Florida thatch palm (Thrinax parvitolia) is a slower growing palm that reaches up to 30 feet. It has broad, yellowish-green leaves that can reach up to three feet in diameter. It blooms all year long, peaking in spring.

Endangered Exotic Trees and Plants of the Everglades

The Key tree-cactus (Pilosocereus robinii) is only found in southern Florida. When in bloom, the flower is large and white in color, and the fruit it produces is a purplish-red in color. This tree cactus can grow up to 32 feet high with a few arms or many.

Krug’s Holly (Ilex krugiana) is known for its interesting leaf shape. This tree can grow up to 55 feet in height having white flowers. Later it produces black, red, and purple berries that birds enjoy.

Lignum-vitae (Guaiacum sanctum) is a hardwood tree that is so dense the wood does not float. The tree flowers in the spring with small periwinkle flowers. It can mature up to 30 feet tall.

The manchineel tree (Hippomane mancinella) is best left for viewing than to being touched, as it is known as one of the most dangerous trees in the world. It is an evergreen with green-yellow flowers that can grow up to around 50 feet tall. All parts of the tree are poisonous. Do not touch the sap or ingest the fruit, nicknamed beach apple and little apple of death.

Make Memories Viewing Endangered Species on An Airboat Tour

Spending a couple of hours on an airboat tour viewing the exciting wildlife, exotic orchids, beautiful trees, and feathery ferns is a lifelong memorable event. Cypress Outdoor Adventures is ready to take you on this excursion. Reserve your Everglades airboat tour in Fort Lauderdale today by phone (954-260-1096) or book online now.

Migrating Birds in the Everglades

Migrating Birds in the Everglades

On a ride with Everglades airboat tours in Fort Lauderdale, visitors skim across what is sometimes called a “river on grass.” In the Everglades, which is a slow-moving river, visitors can hear a chorus of frogs and cicadas, and they can safely observe alligators lying on the sun-warmed shore.

View Migratory Birds in the Everglades and Endangered Animals in a Natural Setting

Tourists can also view a variety of birds in their natural habitat. Unusual birds appear during the migratory season in this warm and beautiful area of swampland. Over 360 different species of birds have been spotted in the Everglades, most belonging in one of the following categories – wading, land, and prey.

Some of the birds that tourists may catch sight of are the roseate spoonbill, varieties of egrets, the great blue heron, the black-necked stilt, white and black ibis, and ducks such as the greenwing teal. Egrets and herons, as well as ibises and spoonbills are wading birds, that you’ll often spot walking in the shallow waters of the glades on the hunt for food.

The Everglades, once the territory of the Seminole Indians, remains the home of various plants and animals. Among them are several endangered species that have adapted over time to the subtropical and wet environment.

Schedule Your Delightful Everglades Airboat Tours in Fort Lauderdale With Captain Bill

Cypress Outdoor Adventures offers day and sunset tours, where you may be able to observe many of the birds heading back to the northern part of the country for spring. On the sunset tours, the boat has lights that illuminate the surroundings so that tourists can view the wildlife. Then, as the sun goes down, the lights are turned off for all on the boat to revel in the beauty of the fiery ball as it passes below the horizon.

In addition to these tours, we offer other excursions such as bow-fishing. For more information on Everglades airboat tours Fort Lauderdale and to make arrangements for tours, contact Captain Bill, owner of Cypress Outdoor Adventures today at 954-260-1096.

Fun Facts about the Eastern Indigo Snake

Fun Facts about the Eastern Indigo Snake

Florida is full of beautiful, marshy landscapes and the creatures that inhabit the land, sea, and sky. We have some of the most interesting creatures in the United States thanks to our Everglades, and we’re responsible for protecting and bringing awareness about them to others. This includes our protected species, such as the Eastern Indigo Snake.

Is the eastern indigo snake venomous?

Let’s just get this out of the way – no, they are not venomous. Eastern Indigo Snakes rarely bite humans. But they do bite prey, enemies, and occasionally males will fight each other in aggressive situations. The indigo snake is considered harmless, but is a protected species you can not handle without a permit. Not that most necessarily want to handle a snake…

The Eastern Indigo Snake Is the Longest Snake in North America

Identified by its beautiful blue-black sheen, this species is now native to peninsular Florida and southeast Georgia. The females can reach up to 6.5 ft long and males up to 8.5 ft. While their size can be impressive, they are most often between 5-6 ft. long.

Eastern Indigo Snakes Eat Other Venomous Snakes

Yes, that’s right. The eastern indigo snake overpowers its often larger prey with muscular jaws, consuming them head first. The indigo snake has a diet of lizards, tortoises, mammals, frogs, birds, and other venomous snakes. It has been observed that the Indigo snake appears to be immune to the poison of venomous snakes.

The Best Place to see an Eastern Indigo Snake Is the Everglades

Although the Indigo snake is now listed as a threatened species because of dramatic decline in population – due to over-collecting by domestic and international pet trade – it can still be found in the Everglades! Preservations of these habitats is the best assurance of survival for the indigo snake.

You May See an Eastern Indigo Snake on an Everglades Airboat Tour in Fort Lauderdale

Although as a protected species, the chances of seeing an Indigo are slimmer than an Alligator. But keep your eyes peeled on tour! There’s a good chance you’ll see one on your next airboat tour of the Everglades. Are you ready to get closer to nature than you’ve ever been? Call Cypress Outdoor Adventures today at (954) 260-1096, or secure your spot online for an Everglades airboat ride of a lifetime!

Are Airboat Tours Safe in the Everglades?

Are Airboat Tours Safe in the Everglades?

If you’ve heard about how much fun airboat swamp tours are, you’ve definitely heard about the exciting wildlife we encounter and how close to nature we become. Feeling a little nervous about getting up close and personal with an alligator? Not quite sure about gliding over the glades at sunset? We perform tours of the Everglades every day and can attest to the safety of our boats, our crew, and the nature of your next airboat tour in Fort Lauderdale.

Airboat Tours Are Safe for Kids of All Ages

Fort Lauderdale alligator tours are fun and safe for everyone, from toddlers to great-grandparents. While our big airboat fan can be a little loud, it’s nothing that a pair of ear plugs can’t fix. Passengers may feel like they’re flying across the glades with the wind in their faces, but our boats actually don’t exceed 40 mph. In order to take in the full experience, we make sure to go as slowly as needed so we don’t scare away nearby wildlife.

Sunset Tours of the Everglades are just as safe as Daytime Tours

Scared of the dark? There’s nothing to be afraid of! There’s a variety of nocturnal animals such as gators and panthers that we can safely observe from a distance. A sunset tour allows you the chance to encounter wildlife you wouldn’t normally see during the day.

Our Everglades Airboats are Regularly Maintained and Inspected

The safety of our passengers and crew is our top priority. Properly maintaining our boats is essential to safely traversing the swamps of Fort Lauderdale, day or night. We guarantee each airboat is regularly inspected and kept up to code by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

We Maintain a Safe Distance from American Alligators and Other Wildlife in the Everglades

Alligator sightings are a huge part of the excitement of our Everglades airboat tours. We get just as excited as our passengers to see gators and other wildlife on our tours, but we are professionals with plenty of experience keeping a safe distance. Alligators don’t pay any mind when strangers pass by, as long as we maintain a respectful amount of space between us.

US Coast Guard Certified, Captain Bill Makes your Airboat Ride as Safe and Exciting as Possible

Put your trust in Captain Bill to make your adventure an experience to remember. As a USCG certified captain, he safely operates your tour boat for an enjoyable time on the water. Ready to face your fears and have a wonderful time doing so? Call us today at 954-260-1096 to reserve your seat, or book online now!

Top 3 Reasons to Take a Sunset Tour of the Everglades

Top 3 Reasons to Take a Sunset Tour of the Everglades

Whether it’s your first time in Fort Lauderdale or you visit frequently, there are always many new wonders to discover in the area. If you’ve never experienced an airboat tour of the Everglades, it’s about time you did! If you’re still on the fence or need another reason to get started scheduling your tour, take a look at these top three reasons to take a beautiful sunset tour of the Everglades.

Reason #1: A Once-In-a-Lifetime Experience

Have you ever wanted to go hang gliding, skydiving, or rock climbing? Airboating is another thrill you need to experience at least once in this life. Gliding across the water, we can reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour. An airboat tour gives you an up close and personal view of wildlife you would never get on land. You get to see the glades as the animals themselves see the area.

This offer you a true eco tour that gives off virtually no pollution, unlike a motor tour boat. Party with friends and family or take a private tour with our experienced guide, Captain Bill, down the coast.

Reason #2: Wildlife You Can Only Find Here

The Florida Everglades is home to several species of plants and trees native only to wetlands as well as endangered animal species. It houses the Florida panther, the American alligator, the snail kite, and the wood stork, to name a few. With an eco-friendly airboat tour, sailing across the still waters at dusk you can become closer to nature than you’ve ever been before.

The thrill of spotting a lurking croc or gator, or a far-off bobcat on the coast, is better than any thrill you’ll get from visiting your local zoo. Touring with Cypress Outdoor Adventures gives you a unique perspective on the area, as Captain Bill has been studying the Everglades since he was a boy.

Reason #3: Watching the Sun Set on the Everglades

While you’re keeping your eyes peeled for creatures that come out to dine at dusk, don’t forget to take in the scenery around you as the sun touches ground. Sunset is the most beautiful time of day to be out on the water. In a heart-stopping moment you’ll spot nighttime dwellers feeding right near your boat! But nothing compares to the orange-filled sky reflecting on the water and the silhouette of the glades at twilight.

If you still aren’t convinced after this, just take a drive by the Everglades at dusk and see exactly what you’re missing! Though you won’t get the full experience of a sunset airboat tour, it will be enough to make you want to explore much more. Call USCG certified captain, Bill Ferris today at 954-260-1096 to book your sunset tour. Be sure to ask about our day tours and bow fishing tours as well!